Master Liquid Culture Jar

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Master Liquid Culture Jar

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Make your own master liquid culture! These half pint liquid culture jars contain 200mls of sterile 5% malt medium with no added antibiotics or fillers. The lid includes a breathable filter for gas exchange and a self-healing inoculation port. 

Inject spores, mycelium from a petri dish, or another liquid culture syringe to incubate and create your own master broth. You can purchase Forij commercial genetics in the form of Liquid Culture syringes or Petri dishes here. After 2-4 weeks of colonization at room temperature, you can use the master liquid culture to inject up up to and over 100-200 bags of Forij Grow Master sterile grain, which contain a self-healing inoculation port. Keep your culture in the fridge for long term storage after it has colonized to your desired cellular density. 

Click here to read our Liquid Culture Injection how-to. 

Processing Times

We're committed to the integrity and quality of our products. Growing mushrooms involves working with a biological organism that is constantly growing and needs maintenance. That's why all of our mushroom cultures are made to order, with care and dedication. Your lead times will reflect fungi incubation times, depending on which cultures we have readily available and which we need to expand for you when we receive an order. Our team works hard to prepare and pack your orders as quickly as possible--we appreciate your patience, and we are committed to the success of your mushroom cultivation project.

Current lead times are as follows:

Sterile substrate: In stock, no delay.
Grow Kits: 7-10 business days
Grain Spawn: 1-2 weeks
Petri dishes: 1-2 weeks
Liquid cultures: 1-2 weeks

You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information once your order ships out. If you have an event planned or a specific date of inoculation in mind, please email