LingZhi / Reishi Fruiting Kit


LingZhi / Reishi Fruiting Kit

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Lingzhi, otherwise known as Reishi, has been heralded as "The Mushroom of Immortality" in Chinese culture for over two thousand years. This beautiful polypore mushroom grows upwards towards the light in other-worldly antler formations, and can be used as both medicine AND household decor. 

Lingzhi fruiting kits act as natural "bonsais." They're perhaps one of the easiest kits to grow, because minimal care is needed! When they grow to the size of your liking, simply let them dry as is and either harvest the antlers for medicine (teas, powders, tinctures) or let them sit there as a timeless table centerpiece or natural sculture! 


1) 4lbs supplemented hardwood sawdust fully colonized with Ganoderma multipileum mycelium will arrive in a bag form. Spray bottle is included. Firstly, take the bag and place it indoors out of direct sunlight in an area between 55-70F. REMEMBER, DO NOT OPEN THE BAG. KEEP THE BAG SEALED AND LET THE MUSHROOMS GROW INSIDE! 

2. Just let your kit sit there. You don't need to spray it or do anything to it! The inside of the bag is like a terrarium and the mushrooms will naturally begin to start pinning within 2-4 weeks of purchasing the kit. 

3. Reishi grows extremely slow, but after about 2-3 months the antlers will hit the top of the bag. You can then take a clear plastic grocery bag, cut 2-5 1/2 inch slits, and drape it over the kit after slicing the top of the bag. Take your spray bottle and spray into the humidity tent 1-2X daily. The reishi will continue to grow, sometimes up to 4ft in length until the substrate block is suspended. 

4. You may harvest your reishi by cutting off individual antlers, dehydrating them and steeping them as an extremely nutritious tea, or blending them into powders that can be taken as nutritional supplements. Or, you can just take your humidity tent out, remove the plastic bag, and let your block naturally dry and remain in it's beautiful otherworldly sculpture to keep as household decor. 


Processing Times

We're committed to the integrity and quality of our products. Growing mushrooms involves working with a biological organism that is constantly growing and needs maintenance. That's why all of our mushroom cultures are made to order, with care and dedication. Your lead times will reflect fungi incubation times, depending on which cultures we have readily available and which we need to expand for you when we receive an order. Our team works hard to prepare and pack your orders as quickly as possible--we appreciate your patience, and we are committed to the success of your mushroom cultivation project.

Current lead times are as follows:

Sterile substrate: In stock, no delay.
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Grain Spawn: 1-2 weeks
Petri dishes: 1-2 weeks
Liquid cultures: 1-2 weeks

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