Pioppino Grain Spawn

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Pioppino Grain Spawn

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Spawn: The unsung hero of the mycological world! This oat substrate colonized with mycelium is the feisty precursor to beautiful mushrooms. The mycelium has woven itself into a dense, weblike structure throughout the grain and created ready-to-use mushroom spawn. So why purchase grain spawn? Well, it gives you the freedom to grow mushrooms in your own way. Straight from a fruiting block, in a bucket, a  log, or even an old peanut butter jar! It’s a choose your own adventure - mushroom edition. Though, don't get too carried away. Make sure you do your research. Mycology is a tricky business. A sterile environment is always recommended. Once inoculated, your spawn will produce several bountiful, vibrant flushes and you can literally eat the fruits of your labour.

Pioppino spawn will arrive fully colonized. All you need to do is cut open the spawn bag and inoculate the contents into a substrate. Pioppino is a hardwood-loving species, found in nature growing from decaying logs. So make sure you inoculate into a hardwood substrate. Unlike many of our hardwood-loving species, pioppino are top fruiters. We recommend inoculating this spawn into a fruiting block. 

Pioppino mushrooms have a unique flavour. They are nutty, full of umami, and have delicate caps and earthy, crunchy stems. Pioppino mushrooms have higher copper, protein, and potassium levels than the medically prized Shiitake mushroom. They have been used in traditional Chinese Medicine to cure headaches, fevers, and fatigue.  

  • 4lbs of fully colonized whole oats Cyclocybe aegerita grain spawn.
  • Reseal with a sealer after use.
  • Sterile procedure recommended. 
  • Read our spawn FAQ here
  • Inoculate into hardwood substrate recommended. Best used with Forij Woodworks Fruiting Block.
  • *Contains live mushroom culture
  • For best results use ASAP but can be refrigerated for 3-4 months. 


Processing Times

We're committed to the integrity and quality of our products. Growing mushrooms involves working with a biological organism that is constantly growing and needs maintenance. That's why all of our mushroom cultures are made to order, with care and dedication. Your lead times will reflect fungi incubation times, depending on which cultures we have readily available and which we need to expand for you when we receive an order. Our team works hard to prepare and pack your orders as quickly as possible--we appreciate your patience, and we are committed to the success of your mushroom cultivation project.

Current lead times are as follows:

Sterile substrate: In stock, no delay.
Grow Kits: 7-10 business days
Grain Spawn: 1-2 weeks
Petri dishes: 1-2 weeks
Liquid cultures: 1-2 weeks

You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information once your order ships out. If you have an event planned or a specific date of inoculation in mind, please email sales@forij.life.