Cordyceps militaris 'TF Single Ascospore"


Cordyceps militaris 'TF Single Ascospore"

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'Terrestrial Fungi Single Ascospore' Cordyceps militaris FJCM2: Culture originally obtained from Ryan Paul Gates, aka Terrestrial Fungi, one of the most reputable breeders of Ganoderma and Cordyceps species. Single ascospore progeny strains were carefully bred from naturally foraged specimens from the Appalachian foothills. Cultivate on sterilized supplemented rice medium. LC expansion incubation: 18-22C in the dark; substrate incubation: 18-22C in the dark; fruiting incubation: 18-20C in 12/12 light cycle. . 

Liquid Culture Syringe: The mycelium is suspended in 10cc of supplemented malt medium, ready for easy insertion into more liquid culture medium (we recommend 10g dextrose and 5g light malt extract per 1L water). Shake thoroughly before use.

Petri Dish: The mycelium is cultured on malt agar extract within a 100mm petri dish, wrapped in parafilm.

Suggested Protocol: 

Incubate liquid culture (10g dextrose / 5g light malt extract per 1L water) in the dark between 18-22C. 

Nutrient broth recipe suggestion per liter: 10g dextrose, 10g light malt extract, 5g nutritional yeast flakes, 4g soy protein isolate powder, 2g spirulina powder, 2g kelp powder, 1g gypsum.

Pour ratio of 1.5:1 nutrient broth to dry rice and autoclave for 40 minutes.

Inoculate with 10ml of liquid culture, incubate at 18-22C in the dark.

After 1 week, induce fruiting at 18-20C with a 12/12 lighting schedule.

Harvest between 55-70 days from inoculation. 

Processing Times

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