Pleurotus djamor 'Rose Pink Oyster '

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Pleurotus djamor 'Rose Pink Oyster '

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'Rose' Pleurotus djamor FJPO2: This oyster species is a commercial strain from North Spore in Maine, USA. It is an extremely aggressive producer of large, showy, bright pink clusters of oyster mushrooms, and is tolerant of less sterile environments. Of all our mushroom cultures, this strain is the fastest to pin upon full colonization and cutting open of a fruiting block. It flourishes in warmer weather. Do not attempt to cultivate this mushroom in the wintertime unless you have sufficient heating. 

Liquid Culture Syringe: The mycelium is suspended in 10cc of malt medium, ready for easy insertion into the self-healing injection port on the FORIJ Grow Master sterile grain, or onto a petri dish for further culture preservation. Shake thoroughly before use. When inoculating ensure to use only 1-2cc of liquid culture in the 3.5lb sterile grain bags. Too much liquid can make the grain soggy. After inoculation pull apart (without opening the bag) the sides that may have been stuck together to maximize airflow. You can read the detailed Liquid Culture Inoculation Protocol here

Petri Dish: The mycelium is cultured on malt agar extract within a 100mm petri dish, wrapped in parafilm.

Please Note

All cultures are guaranteed 100% sterile, or you will get a new dish/syringe sent to you free of charge. Keep in refrigerator for long-term storage. 

Pink Oyster cultures do not do well in refrigeration. They need to be at temperatures above 6oC, which is why all our djamor cultures are made to order. 

Processing Times

We're committed to the integrity and quality of our products. Growing mushrooms involves working with a biological organism that is constantly growing and needs maintenance. That's why all of our mushroom cultures are made to order, with care and dedication. Your lead times will reflect fungi incubation times, depending on which cultures we have readily available and which we need to expand for you when we receive an order. Our team works hard to prepare and pack your orders as quickly as possible--we appreciate your patience, and we are committed to the success of your mushroom cultivation project.

Current lead times are as follows:

Sterile substrate: In stock, no delay.
Grow Kits: 7-10 business days
Grain Spawn: 1-2 weeks
Petri dishes: 1-2 weeks
Liquid cultures: 1-2 weeks

You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information once your order ships out. If you have an event planned or a specific date of inoculation in mind, please email