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What is Royal Flush Monotub mix?

Royal Flush monotub mix is a coco-coir- and manure-based substrate that is perfect for generating beautiful flushes of dung-loving species such as button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus). The FORIJ team has spent several years of research and development perfecting this substrate blend--we are confident that Royal Flush will make your mushrooms swoon and produce big flushes! 

This product is guaranteed to be sterile. Mushrooms can be fruited by adding grain spawn directly into the bag or by mixing the spawn with the Royal Flush in a monotub.

What are the contents of the Royal Flush bags? 

Although we cannot disclose our confidential ingredients ratios, we can let you know the Royal Flush Monotub Mix composition: coco-coir, vermiculite, equine dung, coffee grounds, and lime. It is then hydrated to field capacity and sterilized to have an indefinite shelf life.     

How can I inoculate my Royal Flush Monotub Mix in the bag?

If you do not want to bother with a monotub at all you can also pour grain spawn directly into the Royal Flush Monotub Mix bag, reseal with a food sealer making sure to keep as much air in the bag as possible and give it a good mix. Ensure you still follow sterile procedures for this method as well. 

How can I inoculate my Royal Flush Monotub Mix in a Monotub? 

Please refer to the Royal Flush Monotub Mix Protocol.

How long can I store my Royal Flush Monotub Mix? 

If placed in a cool, dry area, such as a pantry, away from direct sunlight and the bag remains undamaged the bags should keep indefinitely. If you are planning to hold onto the bag for several months prior to inoculating our substrate, make sure you give the substrate a good squeeze with a gloved hand to check that it’s still at field capacity. You might have to spritz a few times with some tap water to get it back to optimal field capacity.