Specialty Fruiting kits

Grow & Cook Your Own Culinary Mushrooms

For the Love of Mycology

Our products are made with the highest quality sterile substrates, spawn, and mycelium cultures. Located in British Columbia, FORIJ is the result of a collaboration between 5 colleagues with a love of mycology and sustainable agriculture. We feel there is nothing quite as satisfying as watching a mushroom pin, expand and grow into beautiful fruiting bodies then cooking it up. Quality control and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us, and we are always happy to hear feedback from fellow fungi lovers. Spreading, or mushrooming, if you will, the love for fungi, a vastly overlooked biological kingdom is our passion. 

“There’s just something magical about growing mushrooms on your kitchen counter and cooking it up. It’s so fast and easy.“


We practice what we preach. Forij only uses locally sourced grain & hardwood for our substrates to cut down on our carbon footprint


Gorgeous mushrooms popped up so quickly. Very cool product. Kiddos had a great time checking in on the progress of the mushrooms and a delicious treat for me. I put them in gravy on a porkchop. Mmmm!

Joanna C.